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  • Amplify the Healing Energy - Help Yourself and Others

    Learn how to combine essential oils with acupressure and energy healing for powerful and effective results.

  • Explore the Wonderful World of Essential Oils - Get Certified

    Learn how to safely and effectively use essential oils from a certified Aromatherapist who has been using essential oils professionally in her own healing practice for more than 15 years.

  • Brighten Your Life with QiGong - Start a Daily Practice

    Learn gentle QiGong exercises for self-healing and the maintenance of good health.


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By Mary Mumma

Essential Oil Course Series Overview

By Mary Mumma

This is a very informative class and the information provided by Cynthia will be invaluable. The content is presented clearly and concisely. Cynthia expresses her passion for helping others with the healing essential oils through a very holistic format and expert knowledge base.
By Maresa Huske

EO 1 of 12 - Connect with the Plant Spirit

By Maresa Huske

This online course is amazing! The entire site was very easy to navigate and is laid out in a wonderful comprehensive way. I loved how easy it was to move to and from each section ... I was in awe of