"The only thing that could possibly make this series better is puppies." ~Course Participant

Enjoy this FREE overview of our outstanding and very not-average 12-Course Essential Oil Series.

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Alaska Institute’s Essential Oil Courses help people go from looking at their unused bottles of oils, to passionately using essential oils for healing and therapeutic purposes in ways that are safe, effective, and unusually creative - in a most radical way. You want to go beyond your normal uses? You got it!
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Who these essential oil courses ARE for:

  • You love natural methods of healing and are fascinated by Chinese Medicine, the Five Elements, and Energy Work.
  • You are not getting enough use out of your essential oils—or the type of therapeutic use that you really want.
  • You put effort, enthusiasm, and curiosity into what you learn and appreciate doing the work needed to actually be good at something. (Learning is FUN!)
  • You have an open mind and are excited to explore incredibly cool insights and creative thoughts that you discover along the way, especially when they take you outside the box.


Who these essential oil courses are NOT for:

  • You really prefer the chemistry and technical side of essential oils. (Yes, that’s important but not my focus.)
  • You know you won’t do any of the homework.
  • Your main interest is economically driven as opposed to learning knowledge and skills that benefit others.
  • You only read headlines and skip the actual article. My info is packed with meaty details, so if you prefer short-and-sweet surface info, this is not it.


Essential Oils + Acupressure + Energy Healing = WOW!

How frustrating is that feeling you get when you look at your collection of essential oils that you were SO excited to get and had SO many great plans for ... and they’re still sitting there barely used after how embarrassingly long?

Not only did you most likely invest quite a nice amount of money in getting them, you’re probably s