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Alaska Institute’s Essential Oil Courses help people go from looking at their unused bottles of oils, to passionately using essential oils for healing and therapeutic purposes in ways that are safe, effective, and unusually creative - in a most radical way. You want to go beyond your normal uses? You got it!

Who these essential oil courses ARE for:

  • You love natural methods of healing and are fascinated by Chinese Medicine, the Five Elements, and Energy Work.
  • You are not getting enough use out of your essential oils—or the type of therapeutic use that you really want.
  • You put effort, enthusiasm, and curiosity into what you learn and appreciate doing the work needed to actually be good at something. (Learning is FUN!)
  • You have an open mind and are excited to explore incredibly cool insights and creative thoughts that you discover along the way, especially when they take you outside the box.


Who these essential oil courses are NOT for:

  • You really prefer the chemistry and technical side of essential oils. (Yes, that’s important but not my focus.)
  • You know you won’t do any of the homework.
  • Your main interest is economically driven as opposed to learning knowledge and skills that benefit others.
  • You only read headlines and skip the actual article. My info is packed with meaty details, so if you prefer short-and-sweet surface info, this is not it.


Essential Oils + Acupressure + Energy Healing = WOW!

How frustrating is that feeling you get when you look at your collection of essential oils that you were SO excited to get and had SO many great plans for ... and they’re still sitting there barely used after how embarrassingly long?

Not only did you most likely invest quite a nice amount of money in getting them, you’re probably still buying more in hopes that something will happen and you WILL start using them. I mean, they are amazing, right?

You had this vision of yourself, surrounded in exotic aromas, opening fancy little bottles and helping people get rid of their headaches, toothaches, back pain, and hundreds of other bothersome symptoms.

Well, that part has my attention because you know what? That’s how a healer’s journey often begins—with the desire to help others. And once that seed is planted, synchronicities and coincidences start to happen. They’re trying to get your attention, and they won’t leave you alone unless you outright say, “Never mind, Universe! I have completely changed my mind, and I never want to help anyone heal in this lifetime.”

THIS is one of those synchronicities right now:

  • Watch closely and see how you feel. 
  • See if your heart energy whispers, “Yes, this is on your path. You’re going the right way.”
  • For me—healers are who I want to connect with, and I already know everyone is not meant to be here.
  • But if it IS you, get ready for an adventure that will take you into places you didn’t even know you could go. 
  • I come from my heart, and I teach healers. 

I adore essential oils, and I want to teach you how to use them in ways that help YOU help yourself and others. You might be a Massage Therapist, Acupuncturist, Energy Worker, or just a beautiful person who’s not in the professional healing arts field (yet).

Whatever the case, if you want solid information that gets your essential oils out of the bottles and fulfilling their destiny of being healing plants with your help, let's do this!

  • Let me guide you step-by-step through exercises that will get you using your oils. My courses are not attached to selling any brand. Use the oils that you already have. (I can recommend some if you need it.)
  • Get the results you want.
  • Become confident and creative through the exercises and homework that you do.
  • I’ll help get you started, and then I want to see your own brilliance emerge and take off.
I can’t tell you how much it means to me when I see a student who is excited to use essential oils take the time to study them and do the homework, and then come back and blow me away with the inspiring creation that came out of them. And it’s not just me helping this happen; the Plant Spirits are right there every step of the way, too.

How do Plant Spirits get involved?

I’ll never forget the day I was teaching a QiGong energy class, and afterward one of the students stopped to talk to me. I had an experience unlike anything that had ever happened before. The whole time she was talking, I kept “seeing and hearing” the strangest word. I say “seeing and hearing” because it wasn’t literally external, but it was so clear in my mind. The word kept repeating over and over again. It was VETIVER. This experience was so odd and so compelling that I went home and started to research what it was. Vetiver is a grass plant that grows in India. It is harvested and hand-woven into mats that wonderfully scent your home. It is also an essential oil. I picked up the phone and called a local woman who I knew used essential oils. Yes, she knew about Vetiver and even had some I could buy. She soon became one of my most inspirational teachers in the art of using essential oils. And so my wonderful, incredible, life-changing journey into the amazing world of essential oils began.

Since that special day when the Spirit of Vetiver tapped on my mind and said, “Come this way now,” I have studied essential oils and professionally used them extensively in my Massage Therapy and Oriental Medicine practice. As an instructor and co-founder of our school, I have also taught over 100 super-popular workshops on Essential Oils.

It is an honor to now be able to offer this series of online courses based on all of the information that has been so valuable to me and many of my students over the years.

Here's a list of the topics that I cover in my courses:

  • Connect with the Plant Spirit: How Essential Oils Can Change Your Life
  • Safety Considerations You Must Know
  • Topical Application: Thru the Skin
  • Emotional Energy of Aroma
  • Ingesting Essential Oils Safely
  • Suppositories, Dental, & Pets
  • Making Custom Therapeutic Blends
  • All about Flower Essences
  • All about Hydrosols
  • Pro-Aging Beauty Secrets & Products
  • Immune System Uber Boosters
  • Prevent & Treat Colds & Flu

Plus, you'll have access to tons of bonus information:

  • Each course has a downloadable PDF Workbook that you can save or print—it’s yours to keep, and it’s like buying an entire reference library on essential oils. Some of the students who have gone through my workshops in person have seen the online Workbooks and have offered to buy them—even though they already have my workshop notes—because of the greatly expanded information provided and the beautiful, easy-to-follow format.

  • I include training videos that will help make the acupressure, massage, and energy healing techniques easy for you to understand and try yourself. These alone are worth $100s of dollars.

  • I also include numerous informative videos that show you how to safely and effectively use essential oils and carrier oils.

  • You get my blog posts related to the course topic at the end of each Workbook.

  • You have lifetime access to these courses online (they don’t expire).

  • You can email me with questions.

  • You can complete all 12 courses and turn in assigned homework to become a Certified Aromatherapist through Alaska Institute of Oriental Medicine, Acupuncture & Massage Therapy. Wouldn’t that be an impressive addition to your resume?

  • “Like” my Facebook page (Touch of Tao) and subscribe to our school’s YouTube channel (Oriental Healing Arts) for all kinds of fun and educational related material.

Cost of Courses

Right now, as I’m working on adding a new course to this series every 1 to 2 months, I’m offering the courses at a very special low rate of under $100. This is my way of saying THANKS for working with me on an exciting project in progress.

After all 12 courses are online, they will be priced more appropriately between $149 to $299 each. This is your chance to save more than 50% on one of the most excellent and unique essential oil series you will find anywhere.

You can sign up for one course at a time, which should be easy on the budget. And if you're on my email list, I announce pre-registration specials where you can save even more!


Start Learning Today

I believe in creating and living a passionate life. NEVER stop growing and ALWAYS be more excellent than you were yesterday. If you have a collection of essential oils that are not being used, take some of my courses and get on with your healer’s journey. Pick one course and start right now. Hopefully, that will be Connect with the Plant Spirit because that’s where it all really begins.

Alaska Institute of Oriental Medicine, Acupuncture & Massage Therapy
is an NCBTMB Approved Provider for Continuing Education, Provider Number 450089-06.


Cynthia McMullen


Cynthia McMullen, CHT, LMT, MQT, SM, is one of the co-founders of Alaska Institute of Oriental Medicine, Acupuncture & Massage Therapy and an instructor at the school. She teaches the advanced Oriental Bodywork & Acupressure portion of the Massage Therapy Program, Medical QiGong Energy Healing, Chinese Medical Aromatherapy, Five-Element Nutrition, and Taoist Herbology. Cynthia is currently studying Acupuncture and since 1999 has had a private practice in Massage Therapy combined with the other wonderful healing arts that she teaches. She is also a Certified Hypnotherapist.

Cynthia is internationally certified in Aromatherapy through Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy. Her first essential oil teacher and main inspiration for the oils is Kathryn Sharp, formerly of Anchorage, now in Arizona running the 
White Sage Landing healing retreat and essential oil apothecary. Cynthia brings her vast knowledge and background in Oriental Medicine to her use and understanding of essential oils, providing a unique and customized approach that touches the Mind-Body-Spirit realm of our beings.

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Course Curriculum

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    Special Instructions - Please Read

    • Special Instructions - Please Read

  • 2

    12 Topics & Course Descriptions

    • 12 Topics & Course Descriptions

  • 3

    About Certification

    • About Certification

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    Essential Oil Q&A Videos

    • ANXIETY: Frankincense & Energy Work

    • Cynthia's Top 10 Essential Oils

    • Hot Flashes: Essential Oil Treatment


What Students Are Saying

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Erika Kalilikane

This was very informative and inspiring to me. I have always been curious about these oils and I loved listening and learning about them.

This was very informative and inspiring to me. I have always been curious about these oils and I loved listening and learning about them.

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5 star rating

Debbie Dewitt

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Essential Oil Course Series Overview

Mary Mumma

This is a very informative class and the information provided by Cynthia will be invaluable. The content is presented clearly and concisely. Cynthia expresse...

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This is a very informative class and the information provided by Cynthia will be invaluable. The content is presented clearly and concisely. Cynthia expresses her passion for helping others with the healing essential oils through a very wholistic format and expert knowledge base.

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4 star rating

No Sound

Janet Fogg

I was enjoying this preview. But I could not get any sound from the video chapters. My speakers had no issues with playing music, or watching YouTube, but ...

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I was enjoying this preview. But I could not get any sound from the video chapters. My speakers had no issues with playing music, or watching YouTube, but I could not get the sound to play during these particular videos. Would have especially loved to see/hear the one on Frankincense. I was "urged" to purchase this oil, but not exactly sure how to use it yet.

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5 star rating

Roberta Hovermale

5 star rating

Great Class

Dianna Fisher

This was very informative in a short amount of time. The explanations were easy to understand coming from an oily background!

This was very informative in a short amount of time. The explanations were easy to understand coming from an oily background!

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